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How to choose the best Drupal hosting

Posted by admin

Drupal is one of the most popular CMS on the Internet. It has an active community of developers, and these developers work hard at improving the overall performance of the system based on user feedback. Since Drupal is open source software, which means that it is free to use, more and more webmasters are switching to Drupal to take advantage of this free and powerful software. However, make sure that you don't choose the wrong type of hosting or you will run into installation issues. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the best hosting for Drupal. 1) cPanel hosting. cPanel hosting is affordable and commonly available. cPanel is the name of the admin control panel. Using the control panel, you can add new websites, new email accounts, or install additional scripts. A shared hosting account cost as little as $10 a month. In the cPanel control panel, there is a feature that is called "Fantastico". With a few simple clicks, you can install the CMS on your site without having to deal with FTP or database installation. 2) Linux hosting. cPanel is only available on Linux servers. Since Drupal is based on PHP language, it's best that the site is hosted in a Linux environment. Today, Windows servers do support PHP as well. The majority of the features can also be hosted on a Windows server. However, be mindful that some bugs will still exist. To avoid installation or performance issues, try to avoid Windows servers if you are thinking of using Drupal. 3) Reliability and stability. It doesn't matter what server you choose if the server keeps going offline. The web hosting industry went through a brief period of evolution. Those were difficult times, as hosting companies struggle to find the right solutions to provide stable hosting at a very competitive pricing. Today, most of those issues have been ironed out. The main challenge that the hosting companies face is to maintain stability in a shared hosting environment. On a shared server, many users and websites share the same resources. So it only takes one user to abuse the resources and the whole server can go down. Special software has been developed to overcome this challenge. Hosting staff are able to identify abuse accounts very quickly and will not hesitate to suspend those accounts so as to maintain stability for all users. The best way to find out if a hosting company is stable or not is to read hosting reviews. Hosting reviews provide all sorts of valuable information such as uptime, pricing, and customer comments. You may also wish to participate in forum discussions to see if the companies that you intend to sign up with come highly recommended. It's always better to sign up with reputable hosting companies as they have more experience in managing servers. 4) Support. Finally, don't forget to sign up with a company that offers good support. Some hosting companies outsource support to countries like India. But if support staff don't have the right tools (e.g. tools to access servers), they can't really help you. Those are the companies you want to avoid. Setup your drupal website with build-in cms, blog, and forum. Justhost hosting is a good place to host your drupal & joomla cms website. Get the Just Host Coupon for fifty percent discount off from our Just Host Review and coupon website. Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Darren_W_Chow http://EzineArticles.com/?How-to-Choose-For-the-Best-Drupal-Hosting&id=3...

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