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Fully Managed Hosting

Posted by eric

MetroHosting is a MANAGED dedicated server hosting company. We do not offer unmanaged dedicated server hosting and you will find our prices are higher than unmanaged providers as we do not provide this service. You will find that our managed solutions are very competitively priced if not much lower than the major national providers.

Even our shared hosting plans offer the advantage of managed hosting. Our team's background is in managed hosting of all types for a variety of small, medium and large business hosting clients. We have transferred that same experience and hands on customer service to create a new type of affordable web hosting called Managed Shared Hosting.
Dedicated hosting is a good option for someone who wants more storage and bandwidth and control over the server. The advantages of having dedicated hosting are: unlimited databases and email addresses as well as unlimited bandwidth. Generally, a dedicated server plan offers the user with a monthly bandwidth of 500 GB to 1 TB. Also important to know that there are two types of dedicated web hosting plans: managed and unmanaged. Managed hosting is hosting that is still controlled by the hosting company. In unmanaged dedicated web hosting, the user is the server administrator, permitting the user the greatest amount of control and flexibility. Unfortunately, unmanaged hosting is complicated and takes more time than a managed hosting solution.
Our managed web hosting plans offer a distinct set of services designed to reduce your total administration costs while improving server efficiency:

  • Focus more of your resources on business, not IT
  • Proactive monitoring/rapid response to minimize downtime
  • Scalable infrastructure adjusts to your needs
  • State-of-the-art security to deter hackers and spammers
  • Backup and redundancy to protect your data

Unmanaged hosting describes a dedicated server in its purest form. In this scenario, the bulk of server management falls on your shoulders. While you do not have to physically maintain the hardware, you will need to perform software updates, apply system patches and fixes, boot and shut down the server, install and configure web services, administer database applications, implement adequate security mechanisms and much more.
Unmanaged hosting leaves you to deal with the burden of day to day maintenance and operation. A dedicated server calls for a lot of responsibility on your part, but you are not totally alone. For example, the hosting provider monitors the network, physically maintains and repairs the hardware, provides connectivity and troubleshoots network issues. In addition, many hosts offer semi-managed services such as software upgrades and database administration. However, the general maintenance of the server is left in your hands. Therefore, unmanaged hosting is recommended for customers with the experience, resources and time needed to keep up a dedicated server.