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Custom Dedicated Servers

Posted by eric

If your company has gotten by with shared hosting or a shared server but you have had issues with lack of design flexibility, safety or general efficiency with your website, it's time to consider a custom dedicated server. Having your own server opens up a whole new world of possibilities for the web-based portion of your business.

Choosing a good and stable dedicated hosting provider can be complicated, so we strive to make it a little easier for you. Most likely if you have gotten to us on the web, you are probably a small to medium sized business without your own internal IT Department. We seek to make sure you can get the dedicated hosting you need as one of best and the most reliable dedicated web hosting providers.
We deliver good value for the money, have high commitment to quality, and have extremely stable server racks. Because every dedicated server customer has his own specific needs and requirements, it is difficult to single out the dedicated hosting provider that will suit you the best. Therefore, we recommend that you call us or email us and start a dialogue.

In the web hosting business, the dedicated servers, also referred to as dedicated hosting, are the cream of the crop.. A dedicated server is a powerful computer that is used solely as a network server; a single computer in a network reserved for network needs. It refers to the rental and exclusive use of a computer and it provides services for only one account or domain name. It is therefore solely for use by one organization, and is leased and stored in the data centre of the host company.

A dedicated server includes an operating system (mostly some variants of Linux or Windows) a web server, related software (such as a SQL server, Control Panel and much more) and connection to the Internet, all housed in the web hosting company's data centers. Dedicated server hosting is typically required for a web site or a group of related company sites that develop a substantial amount of traffic. The server can usually be configured and operated remotely from the host company while still allowing for client customization. A dedicated server can be assigned to function only as a resource server and cannot be used as a client. It is important to note that the server is owned by the web host and you do not have physical access to it.

Dedicated web hosting is beneficial while developing a complex business or a high-end e-commerce site as you will need more space and security - a web server dedicated to your business. It is purchased by a company when they want more control of their server. They purchase or rent the hardware from the hosting company who then normally support and manage it.