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Fixing Drupal Clean URLs with temporary domain name

Posted by eric

Drupal's clean URLs feature is dependent on the mod_rewrite directive of Apache and can fail under several situations including when Drupal is running on a virtual host that has not yet been assigned a domain name.

Temporary domain example: srv04.server-provider-name.com/~your-account-name/drupal

If you have set up Drupal under a domain name as above, and later point a domain name to your site, you still may experience problems with clean URLs not being enabled. The .htaccess file is typically responsible and the following edit should solve that situation:

# If your site is running in a VirtualDocumentRoot at http://example.com/,
# uncomment the following line:
#RewriteBase /

Uncomment the above line (RewriteBase /) and reload the site. If you have the same issue but are still utilizing the temporary domain then uncomment the same line and add your drupal installation location:
RewriteBase /~live-drupal-directory

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